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Stop paying for Network Inventory Software & let NMSaaS do it for FREE.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?
  • My network is complex and I don’t really even know exactly what we have and where it all is.
  • I can’t track down interconnected problems
  • I don’t know when something new comes on the network
  • I don’t know when i need upgrades
  • I suspect we are paying too much for maintenance

NMSaaS is here to help.
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You will receive:
  • Highly detailed complimentary Network Discovery, Inventory and Topology Service
  • Quarterly Reports with visibility in 100+ data points including:
    • Device Connectivity Information
    • Installed Software
    • VM’s
    • Services / Processes
    • TCP/IP Ports in use
    • More...

  • Deliverables - PDF Report & Excel Inventory List


Tems and Conidtions 
1) Free service limited to 1000 devices, above 1000+ devices will be heavily discounted.
2) To avail of this offer customers must sign up before December 30th 2015.

Delivered by the trusted plaform of BMW, Bank of America, AT&T and many more...