The First Cloud Based Network Management Platform

NMSaaS introduces – 3 solutions incorporated into one platform.

Configuration Management, Performance Management, and Fault Management

This provides your enterprise with:

1)      Reduced cost of ownership

2)      Exceptional synergy between sectors

3)      Provides end-to-end visibility

4)      Ability to localize bottlenecks precisely

5)      Avoids overloads & connection losses

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The NMSaaS based Network Management platform eliminates complexity & expense associated with running a collection of traditional management tools.

Our comprehensive Network Management solution covers:

  • Network Discovery, Inventory, Asset Information & Topology.

  • Network Configuration Back Up & Configuration Management.

  • Network Performance with SNMP, Netflow, IPLSA & more.

  • Fault Management and Intelligent Alerting.

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Historical Analysis.



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